Dog Training Areas

General Information

A dog training area permit is required to designate an area to allow dog training and shooting of captive-reared bobwhite quail year round.


Issuance Cycle

Annual renewal required.


Application Process

  1. Applicant would complete the Dog Training Permit Application
  2. Local Conservation Officer visits property to ensure that all requirements are in place (see regulations below).
  3. Once Conservation Officer signs off, applicant would enclose payment of $50.00 to KDFWR and return to #1 Sportsman’s Lane Frankfort, KY 40601 attn: Dog Training Area Permits.



  • 301 KAR 2:041. Shooting areas, dog training areas, commercial foxhound training enclosures, and bobwhite shoot-to-train season.

The dog training area must be a mowed area of at least 10 acres, and no greater than 75 acres, with less than 10% in grain or food plots.

One hundred (100) or fewer bobwhite quail may be possessed for personal use without a captive wildlife permit, provided the birds are not propagated or sold. Proof of purchase shall be retained as permission to possess. A transportation permit must be obtained from KDFWR before bobwhite quail are imported into Kentucky.

Captive-reared bobwhite quail may be taken year-round on a dog training area.

Daily record keeping and boundary signage required for dog training areas (signage every 150’).





A permit holder shall maintain a daily record of people using the area which includes each person’s:

  • Name;
  • Address; and
  • Hunting license number. 

A permit holder shall retain previous year’s records and receipts for at least one (1) full year. 

A person using a dog training area shall possess:

  • A bill of sale or receipt for any bobwhite quail released on the area; and 
  • A captive wildlife permit, if applicable, pursuant to 301 KAR 2:081. 

A field trial may be held on a dog training area year-round.