Eastern Screech-Owl (Otus asio)


Adult eastern screech-owl (red morph) Adult Eastern Screech-Owl (Red Morph)
Photo by: Kate Heyden
Status:  Common
Seasonal Occurrence:  Year-round resident
Distribution:  Statewide
Preferred Habitat(s):  Forested areas, wooded edges, semi-forested areas and semi-open farmland
Nesting Habits:  Nests in tree cavities, but will also use nest boxes
Note:  Screech Owls usually come in one of two colors:  gray or red.  Both can be found in Kentucky.  A brown morph can also be found, but is more common further south, especially in Florida.
Listen to Calls:  Screech Owl call

This young eastern screech owl just fledged.
Photo by:  Kathy Caminiti

This is the gray plumage of the eastern screech owl.
Photo by:  Kathy Caminiti 


Recently fledged Eastern Screech-Owl (Red Morph)
Photo by:  Kathy Caminiti