Frogs and Toads of Kentucky

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Overview of Kentucky's Frogs and Toads

True Toads and Spadefoots 

(includes American Toad, Fowler's Toad and Eastern Spadefoot)

Chorus Frogs, Spring Peepers, Cricket Frogs and Narrow-mouthed Frogs

(includes Upland Chorus Frog, Midland Chorus Frog, Spring Peeper, Mountain Chorus Frog, Eastern Narrow-mouthed Frog, Northern Cricket Frog and Blanchard's Cricket Frog)


(includes Cope's Gray Treefrog, Eastern Gray Treefrog, Bird-voiced Treefrog, Hickman Hybrid, Barking Treefrog, and Green Treefrog)

True Frogs

(includes Wood Frog, Northern Crawfish Frog, Southern Leopard Frog, Plains Leopard Frog, Northern Leopard Frog, Pickerel Frog, Green Frog, American Bullfrog)