Peregrine Falcon Program Cooperator of the Year Award

Each year, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) recognizes an individual, company or organization that supports the Peregrine Falcon Program in an outstanding way. Yearly recipients are listed below:

Cooperator of the Year Recipients, Mitzi Smith, The Webb Companies; Loren Taylor, KDFWR; and Nick Schwendeman, The Webb Companies

Cooperator of the Year Recipients:  (from left) Mitzi Smith - The Webb Companies, Loren Taylor - KDFWR, and Nick Schwendeman - The Webb Companies

2016 Recipient:

In 2016 KDFWR recognized The Webb Companies located at the Lexington Financial Center, for their exceptional cooperation with Kentucky’s peregrine falcon program.

This was the first time a pair of peregrine falcons successfully nested in downtown Lexington. This year’s nesting success can largely be attributed to the many people involved in the monitoring efforts and accommodations provided for the falcons on the World Trade Center Building. The Webb Companies provided KDFWR with access and assistance whenever needed. Our sincerest thanks to the Webb Companies and their involvement in the 2016 falcon nesting season in Lexington.

2014 Recipient:

In 2014, KDFWR recognized:

Thom Barnell

For his exceptional volunteerism for Kentucky's peregrine falcon program. Thom has volunteered his time for the past five years to
monitor the falcon pair at the Dow Chemical Company in Louisville, KY. Thom conducts several site visits each season to this tough-to-access location and submits detailed monitoring reports and high quality photos to KDFWR.

Thom was previously the Safety Coordinator at this facility (back when it was run by Rohm and Haas) and retired in 2009. His background with the facility and interest in the falcons has been most helpful in managing this falcon nest. KDFWR greatly appreciates Thom’s time and effort! 

2013 Recipient:

In 2013, KDFWR recognized:

The LG&E-KU Falcon Web Camera Project at Mill Creek Station

2013 Falcon AwardFor their exceptional support of Kentucky's peregrine falcon program. The generous cooperation and contribution that was made by Louisville Gas and Electric-Kentucky utilities (LG&E-KU) and associated partners for the falcon webcam project is much appreciated. Many people were involved with this project, including Mill Creek Station personnel, LG&E-KU Corporate personnel, and Advanced Global Communications personnel. This project was funded by LG&E-KU.

This was the first live peregrine falcon webcam to be installed in Kentucky, and attracted thousands of followers in its first year of existence. The webcam is accessible at: Clips highlighting key moments in the nesting cycle have been uploaded for viewing on YouTube at:          


2012 Recipient:

In 2012, KDFWR recognized:

The Milton-Madison Bridge Project

2012 Falcon Award

For their exceptional support of Kentucky’s peregrine falcon program in 2012. Reconstruction began on the Milton-Madison (US-421) Bridge in 2011. Meanwhile, this bridge has provided nesting habitat for a pair of peregrine falcons since 2002.

The generous cooperation and careful coordination of the Milton-Madison Bridge Project allowed the peregrine falcons to continue to produce young throughout the construction process. Furthermore, the project provided KDFWR biologists access to conduct monitoring activities and guaranteed the falcons a safe nesting location on the new bridge once construction is complete.

The Milton-Madison Bridge Project is comprised of several public and private entities, some of the key players including Walsh Construction, Micheal Baker Jr., Inc., the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), and the Indiana Department of Transportation. KDFWR greatly appreciates the cooperation of everyone involved with accommodating the peregrine falcons during the bridge reconstruction.