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Hook and Cook

Hook and Cook is an educational class geared twords adults ages 16+ on the basics of fishing, meat preperation and cooking. Most of these workshops are at FINS lakes where the department stocks fish several times a year. In this class you will learn everything from tieing a proper fishing knot to preparing fish for cooking and storage, along with other usful skills for a enjoyable day on the water. We teach you the basic skills nessicary to harvest your own fish and where to find a fishing hole near you!
Below is a list of the classes that are currently scheduled. If you have further questions please email or call our info center at 1800-858-1549.

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Kayak Fishing!

Fishing in the creek
Kayak fishing 101 is an inforamtive class for adults 16+ that covers basic fishing, basic kayak skills/ safety and how to put the two sets of skills together. This usually consist of two or thee part class including a kayak fishing trip. We do provide the equipment nessicary for these classes so dont let that stop you from joining in on the fun!



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Angler's Legacy is a fishing program from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources that helps develop adults with little or no fishing experience into self-sustaining fishermen and women. High school students, college students, and families are introduced to fishing through a program designed to help them gain the skills and confidence to become lifelong anglers. Events focus on the skills needed to successfully catch fish such as how to use a spinning rod and reel, determine proper hook size, know what kind of bait to use, how to bait a hook, and how to take a fish off a hook. Other topics include where and when to fish and fishing regulations. The goal of the program is to teach people who may have never fished before how to become successful, long term anglers.

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