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Lakes with Fish Attractors

KDFWR regularly creates and maintains fish attractors and habitat structures in lakes throughout Kentucky. This list is a partial one and represents a small proportion of the total number of fish attractors KDFWR has placed. Fish attractors come in a wide variety of styles depending on the available materials and goals.

The main types of fish attractors are:

  • Weighted Brush Piles/Reefs: Local brush gathered and weighted with concrete blocks
  • Christmas Trees: Recycled Christmas trees weighted with concrete blocks
  • Stake Beds/Buckets: Arrays of vertical stakes grouped together in shallow water
  • Hinge Cuts: Shoreline trees cut partway through with their tops in the water
  • Log Piles: Larger tree trunks and branches weighted with concrete blocks
  • Pallet Stacks: Stacked arrangements of wooden pallets wired together and weighted
  • Plastic Structures: Various structures constructed of PVC pipe or plastic pallets

The following list of links will take you to a Google Maps page showing the fish attractors for that lake. Clicking on the icon for each attractor will give you information on the location, type, latitude and longitude. Many depth-finders and GPS units can be set to show different coordinate systems. The most common are Degrees-Minutes-Seconds (DMS) (XX° XX' XX"), Degrees-Decimal Minutes (DDM) (XX° XX.XX) and Decimal Degrees (DD) (XX.XXXXX). In most cases, KDFWR reports coordinates in Decimal Degrees. There are a number of sites available on the Web for converting coordinates between these systems. In most cases it is easiest to just set your depth-finder to decimal degrees. Instructions to do this can be found in your owner's manual. Here is a link to a quick explanation of the different coordinate systems.  To make it easier to enter coordinates we have included three different coordinate systems in the tables.