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If you have further questions about upcoming programs, please email Rachel Crume, ​Field to Fork Coordinator, or call (502)-330-8487.​

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Our Field to Fork programs are​ a unique, start-to-finish workshop that teaches adult participants everything they need to know in order to hunt a specific game species successfully. Our current offerings include dove, squirrel, spring turkey and deer hunting workshops.

Field to Fork Workshops Include:

  • Biology of Game Animals
  • History of Hunting in Kentucky
  • Habitats of Featured Game
  • Hunting Regulations
  • Basic Hunting Equipment
  • Scouting and Hunting Tactics
  • Field Dressing
  • Butchering Game
  • Preparing Game for the Table
  • Much more!

The workshops also include hands-on range time with certified instructors, using typical hunting equipment, including but not limited to crossbows and shotguns!

Some workshops are combine with a mentored hunt. For the hunt, each participant is paired with a skilled mentor who will assist them during a hunt on public land in Kentucky. The mentor is there to answer questions, share hunting knowledge and skills in the field, and to assist if an animal is harvested. There are also follow up hunt opportunities (that are not men​tored) where staff are stationed at a centralized location to assist with post-harvest processing.

Each participant must have their hunter safety certification prior to the workshop. You can find information about classes and online courses here: Each participant must also purchase a hunting license prior to the workshop. You can do so here

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