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​Hook and Cook is a workshop that provides anglers of all skill sets with the knowledge they need to improve their fishing and safely eat what they catch.​​​

​Hook and Cook Workshops Reviews:

  • Biology, Ecology, and Identification of Fish
  • Fishing Regulations
  • Cooking Tools and Safety
  • Fish Filleting, Handling, and Storage
  • Food Recipes with a Cooking Demo
  • Fishing Pole and Equipment Selection​
  • Artificial and Live Bait Selection
  • Knot Tying and Pole Assembly
  • Casting Techniques
  • Much more!

The workshop is composed of classroom and field portions. During the field portion, participants practice filleting fishing and the new fishing skills they learned with the assistants of an instructor!

Each participant must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid Kentucky fishing license. You can purchase a valid license here: License Sales Application.​

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a man is fishing at the side of a pondA couple is smiling for the camera as a woman is holding out a Fishing Pole into a pondA girl is cutting up a fish an a table as a man helps her.