Spatterdock (Nuphar luteum) have leaves with a slit or cleft making them roughly heart-shaped.  The leaves are 8 to 16 inches long by 10 inches wide, and can float on the surface or stand above the surface on thick round stalks. Flowers are yellow and can float on the water or stand above it. The flower appears to not be opened fully and is attached to a thick stalk just above the water surface.  Fruits are oval with a flat top and greenish or yellowish in color. 



Management Options

Mechanical Options

Spatterdock can be cut and removed from the pond.

Information on Mechanical Treatment of Aquatic Vegetation


Biological Options

There are no biological control options for spatterdock.


Chemical Options

The active ingredients that have been successful in treating spatterdock include: 2, 4-D (E), fluridone (G), glyphosphate (E), Imazamox (E), Imazapyr (G) and Triclopyr (G). E = excellent, G = good

Information on Chemical Treatment of Aquatic Vegetation


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