Rooted Floating Vegetation

Rooted Floating plants are rooted in the lake bottom, but their leaves and flowers float on the water surface (water lilies).  They are distinguished from non-rooted floating plants by having their roots footed in the substrate, while non-rooted floating are not in the substrate, but free in the water.

Lotus: American lotus has leaves that are simple, round, bluish-green in color, up to 2 feet in diameter, attached to the stem in center. It has large yellowish flowers (to 10 inches across) with more than 20 petals.


Spatterdock: Spatterdock has 8-16 inch long leaves that have a slit making them roughly heart-shaped.  Flowers are yellow and can float on the water or stand above it.

Watershield: Watershield has small, floating oval to elliptical leaves with no slit. Flowers are small, rise above the surface, and are dull-reddish in color.

White Lily: The white water lily has rounded leaves 6 to 12 inches in diameter that float on top of the water.  The flowers are brilliant white with yellow centers.


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