Watershield (Brasenia sherberi) has small, floating elliptical leaves up to 5 inches in diameter with no slit. The underside of the leaves and stems of watershield have a distinctive gelatinous slime and lie flat on the surface. Leaves are green above while the underside of leaves and stems are reddish-purple.  Flowers are small, rise above the surface, and are dull-reddish in color.  



Management Options

Mechanical Options

Watershield can be cut and removed from the pond.

Information on Mechanical Treatment of Aquatic Vegetation


Biological Options

There are no biological options for treatment of watershield.


Chemical Options

The active ingredients that have been successful in treating watershield include: 2, 4-D (E), fluridone (G), glyphosphate (G), Imazamox (G), and Imazapyr (E). E = excellent, G = good

Information on Chemical Treatment of Aquatic Vegetation


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