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Green River Pool 4

Pool 4 of the Green River is located between Glenmore, KY and Woodbury, KY. This pool is approximately 20 miles in length with public boat ramps located on the upper and lower sections of the pool. The upper sections of the pool are shallow and rocky since Lock and Dam 4 is breached while the lower sections have long deep pools with occasional rock bars. Barren River joins the Green River in Pool 4 with the Woodbury Ramp located at this confluence. This area is popular for a wide variety of species. Boaters and anglers should use caution when boating or fishing above and below the lock and dam structures located at both end of this pool.






Green River Pool 4 Access Site to Site Mileages

Put In Access Site

Take Out Access Site

Total River Miles

Honakers Ferry Ramp Woodbury Ramp 17.75



Recommended River Levels for Boating/Fishing*

Green River Pool 4 at Woodbury, KY
Rating Gauge Height in Feet (ft)
Low <4.0 ft
Good 4.0-6.0 ft
High >6.0 ft

Resources for River Levels:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lake Lake/River Reports
(Provides daily dam discharges and forecasted release schedules)

Daily Lake Report
3 Day Lake Release Forecast



U.S. Geological Survey
(Provides real time stream flows on rivers and stream around the state)
Current Stream Levels at Lock 4 in Woodbury, KY


Green River Pool 4 Public Access Site Descriptions


Honakers Ferry Ramp: (Additional Information/Directions)


This single lane concrete ramp is located 11 miles north of Bowling Green, KY off Hwy 1749. An unpaved parking area is located at the top of the ramp, with no other amenities present. This section of river is best suited for light trailerable boats. Anglers can travel upstream 1.3 miles to Lock and Dam 5 tailwaters or fish the chunk rock banks downstream of the ramp. A good variety of habitat is present at this site. Bank fishing would be very difficult due to the steep, muddy banks near the ramp.



Woodbury Ramp: (Additional Information/Directions)


A single lane concrete ramp is located at the confluence of the Barren River with the Green River. This ramp is suitable for all size boats. This ramp is located on the east bank of the Barren River directly across the Barren River from the Riverview Ramp. An unpaved gravel parking areas is located at the top of the ramp. Bank fishing is limited to the concrete ramp due to steep muddy banks. Boaters should use caution, Lock and Dam 4 is located directly downstream and is breached. No other amenities exist at this site.




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Fishing Tips

Largemouth/Spotted Bass
Focus fishing effort around the mouth of creeks, rocky banks and bank slides with woody debris. Anglers have good luck fishing crawfish imitating soft plastic baits Texas-rigged, medium running crank baits, spinners and a variety of top water baits. Match bait colors to the water conditions: natural patterns work best in clearer water (white, watermelon seed), while in muddy conditions use dark color (ex:black) or very bright color (chartreuse) baits that produce vibration.
Bluegill/Redear Sunfish
Fishing should be focused around woody debris in areas that are pooled with little current. Try fishing a variety of live baits(worms, wax worms, crickets, etc.) under a bobber/cork or small tube jigs and curly-tailed grubs.
Channel Catfish
Target deeper pools with log jams with slow to moderate current. Fish baits like chicken livers, worms, cut bait and stink baits on the bottom. Best luck would be around dusk and dawn or low light conditions when catfish are more active.
Throughout the year muskellunge anglers should focus their efforts around bank slides, log jams, the mouth of creeks and the tailwaters of Lock and Dam 5. Try using big inline spinners, swim baits and top water baits like buzz baits and walking baits. Good potential for trophy size fish (≥40 inches).
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Fisheries Overview


The following length frequencies are representative of the top 5 species sampled in Green River Pool 4.

Kentucky Spotted Bass length frequency graph 


Bluegill length frequency graph 


Redear Sunfish Length frequency graph 


Channel Catfish Length frequency graph 


Largemouth Bass Length frequency graph 


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