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Kinniconick Creek


Kinniconick Creek is located in Lewis County and flows downstream until it finally joins and empties into the Ohio River. During its journey downstream it flows through the small communities of Kinniconick and Camp Dix and comes to an end in Garrison, KY. Overall, Kinniconick Creek is a semi shallow stream with an abundance rock bars and woody debris located among the many shallow riffles, runs, and larger, deeper pools. Kinniconick Creek has several public access points that provide boaters and anglers access to the stream and the opportunity to fish for smallmouth bass, spotted bass, rock bass, muskellunge and several other sport fish species.









Kinniconick Creek Access Site to Site Mileages

Put In Access Site

Take Out Access Site

Total River Miles

Leatherwood Branch Park Access Puncheon/Pipe Lick 13.1
Puncheon/Pipe Lick McDowells Creek Park Access 14.1
McDowells Creek Park Access Mill Pond Creek Access 1.6
Mill Pond Creek Access Garrison Ramp 2.7





Recommended River Levels for Boating/Fishing*

No current stream gage data is available for Kinniconick Creek. Current stream gage data from Tygarts Creek is used in lieu of data from Kinniconick Creek, as it closely mimics levels on Kinniconick Creek.
Rating Gauge Height in Feet (ft)
Low <2.5 ft
Good 2.5-3.5 ft
High >3.5 ft
Tygarts Creek @ Greenup, KY
Rating Flow in cubic feet per second (cfs)
Low <50 cfs
Good 50-130 cfs
High >130 cfs
*These ratings are only recommendations.  Skill and experience will dictate level appropriate for each angler.

Resources for River Levels:

U.S. Geological Survey
(Provides real time stream flows on rivers and stream around the state)
Current Stream Levels On Tygarts Creek @ Greenup, KY


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Kinniconick Creek Public Access Site Descriptions


Leatherwood Branch Park Access: (Additional Information/Directions)


This park access is located 7.5 miles south of Vanceburg, KY, just off of Kentucky 59 and Kentucky 344. A large, paved parking area is available at this park access, along with a covered shelter and several picnic tables. The section of river at this site is best suited for canoes and kayaks, however, it will require users to walk equipment a short distance to the access point.


McDowells Creek Park Access: (Additional Information/Directions)


This gravel/dirt access is located off of McDowells Creek Road on Payton Road and is just over 3 miles southwest of Garrison, KY. Parking is limited to 2 small gravel parking areas located at the park access. The section of river at this site is best suited for canoes and kayaks. There are no amenities available at this location.



Mill Pond Creek Access: (Additional Information/Directions)



A single lane, gravel ramp and bank fishing access area is located 2 miles southwest of Garrison, KY just off of Kinney Road/ State Hwy 1306. A small, gravel parking area for around 3 vehicles is located at the top of the ramp on the side of the road along with 2 picnic tables and street light. This access point and section of river is just upstream of Garrison Ramp and is best suited for canoes, kayaks and small john boats.



Garrison Ramp: (Additional Information/Directions)


A two lane, concrete boat ramp is located on the east side of Garrison, KY just off of KY-8. A large, paved parking area is available at the ramp site with no other amenities available. The section of river at this site is a short distance from the Ohio River and is best suited for canoes, kayaks, and small john boats.


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Fishing Tips

Smallmouth Bass
Anglers report good success targeting areas directly above and below gravel shoals and targeting rocky banks with current. Try fishing ¼ oz spinner baits and crawfish imitating crank baits. Texas-rigged 3 inch craws and 3 ½ inch tube jigs work well for a slower presentation. When the bite gets tough don’t overlook a 3 inch white or motor-oil colored curly-tailed grub.
Spotted Bass
Anglers have good luck fishing crawfish imitating soft plastic baits Texas-rigged, medium running crank baits, spinners and a variety of top water baits in areas with current breaks and woody debris. Match bait colors to the water conditions: natural patterns work best in clearer water (white, watermelon seed), while in muddier conditions use dark (black) or very bright (chartreuse) colored baits that produce vibration.
Rock Bass
Target chunk rock banks with woody debris and log jams in the slow, shallow pools. Try fishing small inline spinner baits, 2 inch crawfish crank baits or 2 inch black grubs over the rocks. Rock bass can also be taken on live bait fished near or on the bottom. Try fishing minnows, red worms and small crayfish.
During spring months, typically use a smaller size lure and bait and increase the size as the summer months progress. Throughout the summer musky can be found in pools with submerged timber just below riffles. Try using big inline spinners, swim baits and top water baits like buzz baits and walking baits.
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Fisheries Overview


The following length frequencies are representative of the top 4 species sampled in Kinniconick Creek.

Smallmouth Bass length frequency graph 


Kentucky Spotted Bass length frequency graph 


Rock Bass Length frequency graph 


Muskellunge Length frequency graph 




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