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Rainbow Trout
  • Has a streamlined body, an adipose fin, and large mouth
  • Distinguished from Brown and Brook Trout by having many small black spots on the caudal fin and on the back and sides
  • Adults have a broad pink to red stripe along the side
  • Adults usually reach 12-14 in. and less than 1 lb. in small to medium streams, but may attain larger sizes (over 10 lbs.) in rivers and tailwaters of reservoirs
Brown Trout
  • Has a streamlined body, but slightly deeper than Rainbow Trout
  • Distinguished from Rainbow Trout by having fewer but larger spots on the back, and red mixed with black spots surrounding by pale halos on the sides
  • Differs from Brook Trout by having dark round spots on a lighter colored body
  • Largest of the three trouts in Kentucky, reaching weights of more than 20 lbs. in larger streams and rivers
Brook Trout
  • Has a deeper body than Rainbow or Brown Trout
  • Distinguished from Rainbow and Brown Trout by having pale worm-like markings on a dark colored back and white leading edges of the lower fins
  • Breeding males develop bright orange-red with black color on the belly and lower fins
  • Adults usually range from 10-16 in. and 1-2 lbs.