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Christmas Tree Recycling

​When the Holidays are over and the lights are coming down, the final task of the season is getting rid of the tree.  Instead of throwing out your Christmas tree, let it live again as fish habitat.  KDFWR has drop-off points across the state where you can bring your old tree and put it to good use.  KDFWR will take your tree and combine it with others to create fish attractors for lakes all over the state.  These brush reefs provide nesting and rearing  habitat for gamefish as well as creating homes for invertebrates and smaller fishes that provide food for larger fish.  Just clean your tree of all of the artificial decorations, lights, tinsel, ornaments, etc. and drop it off at one of our locations below, during daylight hours only (between 8:00am and 5:00pm). 
This year we have several projects planned, including improvements to fish habitat on Boltz Lake and Corinth Lake in the central part of the state as well as continuing improvements at Barren River Lake.

Here is what Kentucky Fish and Wildlife does with your donated trees.


Staging trees at the ramp for building fish habitat


Volunteers building pallet and tree structures for fish habitat


Deploying trees in the lake to improve fish habitat


Click Here for a short YouTube video showing what your Christmas tree can do for fish habitat