How to Enter the Kentucky Elk Hunt Drawing

Application period opens January 1 every year

Deadline to apply - April 30, midnight, Eastern time


Please follow these instructions carefully to enter the elk drawing. You may wish to print this page for reference.

You will need your social security number and a credit/debit card to apply. If you do not have a card, you may purchase a prepaid debit card at most large retailers (for example, Wal-Mart and large supermarkets).

You may purchase other permits and hunting, fishing, or trapping licenses at this time also.

Please be aware that by applying for the Kentucky Elk Draw, you are giving the KDFWR permission to release your name and county of residence if you are selected. This is being done as part of our ongoing open-door policy concerning the Elk Draw procedure. The KDFWR uses elk draw applicant information for business purposes only and will not release or disclose your address or telephone number.

When you click  "Buy Licenses," you will be taken to the Online License and Permit Agent page. Select the 2022-2023 license year.

The next screen will require you to enter your customer information. It will ask for your last name, date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) and the last four of your Social Security Number, then click “Continue.” If you are a new fish and wildlife license customer, you will asked for more information to complete your profile. Alternatively, you can click “My Profile,” enter your last name, last four of your social security number, and date of birth then click “Submit.” From the main screen click “Purchase License.”

On the next page, make sure your information is correct and select the residency status, click "continue."

The next screen is the “License and Permit Selection” page. You can purchase any licenses and permits here.  Under the "permit" section you can select "Elk Antlerless Firearm Drawing," "Elk Antlered Firearm Drawing," and/or "Elk Either-Sex Archery/Crossbow Drawing." You can apply for all three elk drawing permit types. (Note: youths 15 and younger can also apply for the youth-only elk permit, which appears as an option only for those who enter a qualifying birthdate.) After selecting your licenses/permits, click “Continue.”

This screen shows your order summary. You should see the elk drawing permit(s) you chose each for $10 as an item you are purchasing. If not, click “Change selections” to add the drawing.

Once your order summary is complete, click “Checkout” and enter your credit/debit card information. Click “Submit order.”

You will receive a 19-digit confirmation number. Be sure to record this number, as you will need it to check to see if you were drawn for the elk hunt in May (if you lose this number, you can also use your SSN and birthdate to see if you were drawn).

The elk drawing is completed in early May and results are  posted to "My Profile" later in the month.

You can also purchase the elk draw applications at any vendor that sells hunting and fishing licenses. Please call our Information Center at 800-858-1549 if you have questions about applying for the elk drawing.