Take Someone Hunting

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Take Someone Hunting!​

Encourage others who are unfamiliar with hunting to share in the rewards of your efforts; complete the hunting experience by taking them hunting! 

If you are an experienced hunter, you taking new people hunting is more important than ever for our hunting heritage and conserving wildlife—now and in the future. Hunting licenses and fees pay for state wildlife programs!


If you’re new to hunting, going with an experienced hunter that you know is invaluable to help you get started and develop your hunting skills. It’s also safer to hunt with others and more enjoyable to most hunters. One way to network with deer hunters is to join a local program with the local branch​ of the National Deer Management Association, which aims to promote deer conservation and ethical hunting. Similarly, joining a local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is a great way to meet other turkey hunters, learn more about hunting wild turkeys, and get involved in local habitat conservation and participation enhancement efforts.

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