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Season Dates - Searchable application

Crow Sept. 1 - Nov. 7, 2022 and Jan. 4 - Feb. 28, 2023, one-half hour before sunrise until sunset​
Bullfrog Noon May 20 - Midnight Oct. 31, 2022
Groundhog Year-round
Turtles* Year-round, day or night

* Alligator snapping turtles may not be harvested.


A hunting license is required unless the hunter is license exempt. A Migratory Bird-Waterfowl Permit is not required.

Electronic or mechanical calling devices may be used during the open seasons. Shooting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise until sunset. However, hunters may be in the field before and after shooting hours.

There is no daily or possession limit on crows.

Crows observed committing or about to commit acts of depredation may be taken year-round; however, persons attempting to take depredating crows shall not use blinds, decoys, calls or other lures to attract birds into shooting range during the closed season.


The daily limit (noon to noon) is 15. The possession limit is 30. If bullfrogs are taken by gun or bow and arrow, a hunting license is required. If taken by pole and line, a fishing license is required. If frogs are taken by gig or by hand, either a hunting or fishing license is valid.

It is illegal to possess a gig on a stream or lake, or in a boat, from Nov. 1 through Jan. 31.


Snapping turtles (except alligator snapping turtles) and soft shell turtles may be taken year-round with no bag limit but may not be harvested for commercial purposes.

A hunting license is required if turtles are taken by gun or bow and arrow. Consult the Kentucky Fishing & Boating Guide​ for information on other legal means of harvest.


Wild pigs are not considered game species in Kentucky. They are an exotic, invasive species that pose serious threats to wildlife, wildlife habitat, natural areas, agriculture and Kentucky hunting traditions. Hunting fails as an eradication tool for wild pigs due to their high reproductive rate and intelligence. Disturbances associated with human activity, especially hunting pressure, cause wild pigs to leave the area and become nocturnal, limiting other more effective eradication methods.

In an effort to stop the spread of wild pigs, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources discourages wild pig hunting and asks the public to report sightings and damage. The department, in partnership with USDA Wildlife Services, offers free professional trapping services to anyone experiencing damage from wild pigs. Trapping wild pigs is the most efficient method of eradication.

 You can help by reporting wild pig sightings, damage or the illegal possession, sale or release of wild pigs to the department by calling 1-800-858-1549 or visiting www.fw.ky.gov/wildpigs​.


Groundhogs may be hunted statewide, year-round, with no bag limit. A hunting license is required unless the hunter is license exempt. Shooting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.


  • English sparrows and starlings may be hunted year-round, with no bag limit, but a hunting license is required, unless license exempt.
  • Pheasants released during quota hunts are not open to year-round hunting on Green River Lake WMA, Yellowbank WMA and Clay WMA.
  • All birds of prey and native songbirds are protected under state and federal laws and may not be taken.


  • Exotic, non-native hoofed stock may be hunted year-round.
  • No license required.
  • No bag limit or checking requirement.
  • Fallow deer are not legal to hunt on Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area.


  • The spotted skunk, a rare species found in eastern Kentucky, is a protected species and may not be taken.
  • All federally threatened or endangered species are protected under state and federal laws and may not be taken.