Commercial Guide License Requirements

Require documentation of Hunter Education Certification for all hunting guides.

Require documentation of Boater Education Certification for all guides utilizing a boat. As with Hunter Education, guides who have not yet completed the course may go to and complete the “Safe Boating Certification” online course for a cost of $24.50. (This fee does not go to KDFWR)

Require documentation of a criminal records check through Kentucky State Police (KSP). To obtain a Background Check Release Authorization Form, please contact the KSP Name Search Section at 502-227-8700, Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. E.S.T. There is a $20 fee charged for each background check. The completed authorization form and accompanying fee must be submitted in person or by mail. Please advise the KSP that the background check is for a Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Commercial Guide’s License.

Require CPR and First Aid certifications.

A commercial guide applicant who possesses a valid United States Coast Guard Captain’s License (“six pack”) and will guide on a United States Coast Guard regulated waterway may submit a copy of this license in lieu of the boater education course, CPR and First Aid certification.

A commercial guide may now utilize helpers provided they are under the direct supervision of the commercial guide. A fishing guide helper shall have in possession all necessary fishing licenses and permits and be accompanied in the boat by a commercial guide. A hunting guide helper shall have in possession all necessary hunting licenses and permits and hunter education card. If guiding by boat the helper must have a valid boater education card.

If you wish to renew your license, please fill out the application; attach documentation regarding certifications, State Police background check and application fee and mail to KDFWR, Law Enforcement, #1 Sportsman’s Lane, and Frankfort, KY 40601.