Foxhound Training Enclosure

General Information

The commercial foxhound training enclosure permit authorizes all fox chasing on the permitted area as a field trial if a fox is not captured or killed.  This means a Kentucky hunting license is not required by residents or non-residents who participate in fox chasing within the enclosure. 

A person shall not take any wildlife, including fox, within an enclosure except under legal statewide seasons, methods, and license requirements.

Fox held for release into an enclosure shall be obtained and confined pursuant to 301 KAR 2:081.

A commercial foxhound training enclosure shall:

  • Be at least 200 acres;
  • Be fenced to enclose foxes; and
  • Not be divided by an interior fence that restricts the range of foxes to less than 200 acres.

Issuance Cycle

Commercial foxhound training enclosure permits are valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of issuance.

Application Process

An applicant for a commercial foxhound training enclosure permit shall:

  1. Be at least 18 years old;
  2. Provide documentation proving their ownership (or lessee status) or the land where the facility is to be located;
  3. Have their facility inspected by a KDFWR Conservation Officer to receive their required signature on the permit application if compliance is demonstrated;
  4. Indicate a legal source for how the wildlife will be obtained on the permit application; and
  5. Submit a $150 application fee and completed commercial foxhound training enclosure permit application.


  • 301 KAR 2:041 - Shooting area, dog training areas, commercial foxhound training enclosures, and bobwhite shoot-to-train season.