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How to Buy Licenses and Permits


All Kentucky hunting and fishing licenses and permits can be purchased through the secured Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Online License Sales site. Replacement licenses can be printed online for free

Licenses or permits purchased online must be paid for with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card, or a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife gift certificate.  Gift certificates are sold here online.

Those who purchase licenses or permits online will not be mailed a paper license or permit but will receive an authorization number.  The authorization number or a computer printout of the license or permit and a picture ID must be carried in the field while hunting or fishing.


Licenses and permits can be purchased throughout the state at about 900 locations, including country stores, some county clerks offices, local hunting and fishing businesses, and some chain stores that sell outdoor sporting goods.  License vendor locations are listed at


Licenses and permits can be purchased by phone at 877-598-2401 twenty-four hours a day. All licenses and permits, except a disability license, elk drawing application and youth licenses and permits, can be purchased by telephone.

Those who purchase licenses and permits by phone will be charged a small convenience fee, and must be paid for with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card, or an e-check.  Purchasers will be issued an authorization number which serves as the license or permit.

If requested, a paper license or permit (except short-term licenses) will be mailed to the purchaser.  The paper license must be filled out and signed by the hunter/fisher.

The authorization number and a picture ID must be carried in the field while hunting or fishing.  Both the authorization number and paper license are valid for the license year.

It is the caller’s responsibility to know what type of license or permit is needed before calling. Operators should NOT be relied upon to explain licensing requirements. If you are unsure what license or permit you need, refer to the License and Permit Descriptions section, or contact Kentucky Fish and Wildlife at 1-800-858-1549.