Hunting Method Exemptions

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources may grant any reasonable exemption to normal hunting methods that would allow a person with physical disabilities to hunt when they otherwise couldn’t. Exemptions that may be granted include using a crossbow to hunt deer during the bow-only deer season and using a vehicle as a hunting platform.  The Vehicle Permit allows a person to hunt from a vehicle on private property.

Persons with qualifying physical disabilities must first have an exemption form completed and signed by a licensed physician certifying why the exemption is necessary and how long it will last. Persons who obtain a hunting method exemption are still required to have the appropriate hunting license or permits. Persons granted a hunting method exemption must also carry the signed exemption along with their hunting license and permits while in the field. (301 KAR 3:026, 3:027)

The Mobility Impaired Access Permit allows hunters to use vehicles on designated wildlife management areas (WMAs). This permit is good for only one license year.