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Hunter Education


Hunter Education Requirement

Effective March 1, 1991, all hunters born on or after January 1, 1975 shall while hunting carry a valid hunter education course completion card in addition to the appropriate Kentucky hunting license. A bow hunter not in possession of a firearm may carry a "National Bowhunter Education Program" course completion card in lieu of the hunter education card.

One-Year Hunter Education Exemption Permit

Get Hunter Education Certified

Please Note:  Pre-registration is now required for all hunter education courses.

Online Courses

Students may self-study through the hunter education course by completing one of the internet options below. In order to fully complete the certification requirements, once the student completes the online course, they must pre-register and attend a RANGE DAY where they will participate in a live fire exercise. (If you are completing your hunter education while the department limits in-person courses, you will need to follow the directions to complete a Virtual Range Day.)

Step 1: Start an Online Course
Step 2: Pre-register and attend "Range Day"

Hunter Education Volunteer Instructor

Becoming certified as a Hunter Education Instructor is a great way to insure the continuation of Kentucky's hunting tradition. Every year over 15,000 Kentucky citizens learn how to be a safe and ethical hunter by participating in a Kentucky Hunter Education Course or Range Day.

On an average year from 800 to 1,000 Kentucky Hunter Education Instructors team up to teach around 400 individual courses all over the state. Subject matter for a Hunter Education course includes but is not limited to training in firearms, ammunition, first aid, survival in the outdoors, wildlife identification and management, and basic bowhunting. Students participate in classroom sessions and live fire field training with firearms and/or archery tackle.

The Hunter Education Instructor training process will prepare instructor candidates to take an active part in this program.  For questions regarding instructor training, contact the Hunter Training Officer for your county by using the map below.

Temporary Hunter Education Exemption Permit

The temporary hunter education exemption permit allows a person to hunt for one year without first completing a hunter education course. The permit will be available online for free (for a limited time) and is available to both Kentucky residents and nonresidents.

Kentucky’s hunter education law requires all license-required hunters born on or after January 1, 1975, to pass a hunter education course and carry the course completion card when hunting. However, hunters who have the new permit will be exempt from this law for one year from the date issued.

Hunters who carry the permit must be accompanied by a properly licensed adult hunter at least 18 years old who meets the hunter education requirement. The adult must remain in a position to take immediate control of the exempted hunter’s bow or firearm while hunting. Adult supervision is also required for all hunters under the age of 10, and for all firearm deer, elk and turkey hunters 15 and younger.

Children don’t have to take the course until they turn 12 years old. Children cannot take the hunter education test until they turn 9. During the three-year window between ages 9 and 12, children have many opportunities to take a course. More than 300 hunter education courses are scheduled throughout Kentucky each year.

Landowners who are hunting on their own land, and other license-exempt hunters, are not required to take a hunter education course. However, the course is strongly recommended.  For complete information on hunter education, call 1-800-858-1549.


  1. Children younger than 12 years of age may hunt without a course completion card, but shall be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age. One adult shall not accompany more than two children at one time.
  2. Persons exempt from buying a license are not required to possess a hunter education course completion card (i.e., resident owners of farmlands, tenants, etc.)

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Instructor Contact Information

Hunter Education Regions

Region 1 (Western KY)
Courtney Goodman
(502) 234-8839

Region 2 (Central and Southern KY)
Jayne Wilson
(502) 352-0550

Region 3 (Eastern KY)
Jack Lee

Region 4 (Central and Northern KY)
Justin Hamilton
502) 352-0573