2018 Bear Seasons: The muzzleloader season for bears opens December 8 in zone 3 only. The modern gun season for bears opens December 15 in zones 1 and 2. Please call 800-858-1549 after 9pm EST each night of the season to determine if the season is open the following day.​ 
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Blue Water Trails

The Blue Water Trails series of articles details paddling trips on streams and rivers across Kentucky. The overarching goal of the series is providing thorough information for paddlers to enjoy floating Kentucky streams without worry. All access areas profiled in the Blue Water Trails are open to public use. A printable map accompanies each article showing the location of access points and the distances of each float. The map also specifies important information paddlers need such as the location of low-head dams and where power lines cross the stream. Every Blue Water Trails article describes each trip, relates the available sport fish species and their haunts as well as how to catch them. A little historical perspective is included as well.

The series now details over 30 floats and continues this summer.

To start on your blue water adventure, just select one of the links below.