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The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) created the Fishing in Neighborhoods (FINs) program in 2006 to provide anglers with quality fishing opportunities close to home. The program currently includes 45 lakes statewide. The aim of the program is to create quality fishing opportunities near cities of all sizes throughout the state. Lakes are regularly stocked with catfish and rainbow trout throughout the year. In addition to these lakes being stocked with catfish and trout, the sunfish and bass populations are regularly sampled to ensure natural reproduction is meeting the needs of anglers. Stocking of sunfish and/or largemouth bass occur if needed.

The FINs program is a cooperative agreement between KDFWR and city/county municipalities. All 45​ lakes in the FINs program have a standard set of regulations that are posted around the lakes. These regulations are a little more restrictive than the statewide regulations but help spread the fish harvest out over a longer period of time.​

Fishing in neighborhoods

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FINS Regulations

SpeciesDaily LimitMinimum Size Limit
Rainbow Trout5None No culling* of trout
Largemouth Bass115"
Bluegill/Other Sunfish15
*Culling is holding a trout in a livewell, fish basket
or stringer and later replacing it with another fish.

Possession or use of live shad for bait is prohibited at all FINs lakes.

All grass carp caught must be immediately released. Grass carp are stocked to control aquatic vegetation.

No cast nets allowed in FINs lakes for the taking of live bait.

License Requirements

  • Resident/Nonresident Youth ages 15 and younger do not need a fishing license or trout permit. Residents/Nonresidents age 16 and older must posses a statewide fishing license.
  • Resident Seniors age 65 and older are not required to purchase a trout permit to keep trout if in po​ssession of the Resident Senior License.
  • Resident/Nonresident Fishing License holders must purchase a Trout Permit to posses Rainbow Trout. Resident/Nonresident Fishing License holders can fish for Rainbow Trout, but can not be in possession of trout.
  • Any angler can fish without a fishing license on the Free Fishing Days that take place the first weekend in June (June 3-4, 2023).
  • For more information on Fishing License Requirements and Exemptions, follow the Fishing and Boating Guide.
  • Call 1-800-25-Alert to report Fish and Wildlife violations.