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The following columns provide information on some of the better sites to fish for each species. For a more complete list of water bodies where each species can be found click here and then select the species that you are interested in under “Search for water bodies for species”.

Quick-strike Rig Construction
 Quickstrike rig


Note to Muskie Anglers: When using Live Bait, please Use a Quick-strike Rig to reduce catch-and-release muskie mortality


The basic rig construction consists of a 24-inch length of uncoated bronze stranded wire, 20 to 50 lb. test, a heavy duty rear treble hook, and a smaller front treble or optional single front hook. The front hook should contain shrinkable tubing around the shank so it will slide on the wire making it adjustable. A strong black swivel should be attached on the opposite end of the whole rig. An optional small spinner blade should be added in front of the front hook making it legal for use in states where a multiple hook rig is illegal. The whole thing can be assembled by using either crimp-on sleeves or twisting the wire to make a good connection. You can easily make your own rigs or they can be purchased from most Musky tackle outlets.

Information courtesy Musky America at Musky.com. For more information see: http://www.musky.com/Features/strike.htm

tandem quickset rig and quickset rig