Fall 2003

Cover:  Deer depend on their keen vision and other senses to detect approaching danger. In Rick Hill's "Deep Wood Scents", a buck sniffs the air for signs of trouble. Back in the 1940s, Kentucky’s deer herd numbered around 2,000. Just 60 years later, the state’s herd has grown to approximately 600,000. Read best counties for deer to learn where the deer concentrations are the highest. Want to hunt deer but your money’s tight? Read budget hunting to learn tips on how to get into the field for as little money as possible. Read healthy venison to learn why this meat is an ideal food and learn to tips improve its flavor before it hits the plate. Not many people realize the importance of dust to birds and wildlife. Read dust to dust to learn more. Peregrine falcons are on their way back in Kentucky. Read hope soars to discover why the return of a peregrine falcon to the Red River Gorge has buoyed the hopes of researchers. Finally, Kentucky has many smaller lakes known mainly to the locals. Read Sunday afternoon lakes to learn about two of these small lakes with good populations of largemouth bass.