Fall 2006

Our Fall, 2006 issue of Kentucky Afield Magazine is packed with lots of featured stories. Check out what's inside this issue and read a few shortened stories online. Subscribe to the magazine to read complete stories.


Features The Front Porch
By Commissioner Jon Gassett
Golden rule of the outdoors

The Truth About Deer Scrapes
By Karen Alexy
This study may make you rethink your hunting strategy

Elk Calf Rodeo
By Mark Marraccini
Bulldogging researchers use muscles and their minds

Sisters in Arms
By Hayley Lynch
Two great-grandmothers prove it's never too late to start deer hunting

Hunter Education in Iraq
By Sgt. Ryan Matson
Preparing for home in a combat zone

Best Bets for Fall Fishing
By Lee McClellan
Cast your line in these places this autumn

Hybrid Haven
By Lee McClellan
Don't let the name fool you -- there's plenty of fish at Barren River Lake
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Lighter Gauges for Doves

Paintsville Lake Changes

Nature Notebook
The American Crow

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Smoking Venison

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Backyard Buck

Herbicides for Wildlife

Clear Creek WMA

Ask the Experts
Broken Antlers, Pond Stocking

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Your First Shotgun