Spring 2003


Many hunters are well-versed about deer behavior during the rut. But how many of us know how turkey behavior changes during the spring breeding season? Learn more about the turkey "rut" in turkey transitions.

Dove season is still months away, but spring is the time to prepare fields for the September opener. Read how you can legally attract doves in preparing dove fields.

Not all anglers have the time and money to spend a weekend at a big lake. Sunday afternoon lakes is the first in a four-part series on fishing Kentucky’s smaller lakes.

Anglers found crappie fishing on Kentucky Lake disappointing in 2002. Read how biologists are using a crappie study to help anglers find fish.

Tempted to stock fish yourself in a public lake? Learn how illegal stocking can actually hurt the fishing.

Finally, an ice storm failed to keep the 2002 cow elk hunters from harvesting their trophies. Read more about the hunt in elk on ice.