Spring 2004

Cover:  Tom turkeys stretch their necks when gobbling. Turkeys gobble to lure hens from a distance, then strut to attract them into close range. During spring, when gobbling peaks, a tom turkey's call can be heard from a mile away. Photo by Maslowski Wildlife Productions.

A river in southern Kentucky threads through house-sized boulders and some of the most spectacular scenery in the state. This remote river is also one good place to hook into a trophy-sized fish. Read more about this local secret in Fishing the Big South Fork.

There’s a new fish in town in Kentucky Lake, the state’s most famous crappie fishing location. Researchers believe the rise of black crappie and the subsequent decline of white crappie are affecting the angler catch rate. Read more about black crappie movements in the lake and learn tips on how to catch them in Kentucky Lake Crappie Study.

Kentucky has plenty of water to fish, but it’s not always easy to access. Find out where the new boat ramps are going in and plans for launch sites for smaller boats in Kentucky’s Boat Ramp and Canoe Access Construction.

Spring turkey hunting is the state’s fastest growing type of hunting. Learn the basics of Turkey Scouting and get tips on equipping yourself with a gun with less kick in Turkey Gun Selection.

Finally, find out why “rescuing” a fawn that appears to have been abandoned by its mother is a bad idea in Loved to Death.