Spring 2007

Our Summer, 2007 issue of Kentucky Afield Magazine is packed with lots of featured stories. Check out what's inside this issue and read a few shortened stories online. Subscribe to the magazine to read complete stories.


Features The Front Porch
By Commissioner Jon Gassett
We Pay Our Way

Tough Turkey Hunts
By Gary Garth
Tips for bagging a bird near crowds, in foul weather, or late in the season

The Twelve Months of Fishing
By Lee McClellan
Part I: Spring and summer

Fish-Friendly Tournaments
By Hayley Lynch
The keys to keeping your catch alive

Lake Cumberland Drawdown
By Dave Baker
Seven years of a lower lake will help and hurt fishing

A Worm of a Different Color
By Joe Lacefield
Nature's original stink bait

Fifty Years of Wildlife Disease Research
By John R. Fischer
The history of the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study
Departments Reader's Forum
Your Letters

Capitol View
Give Landowners Credit

Taking Back Public Lands

Fishing forecast

The Pennyrile Buck

Nature Notebook
Kentucky Warblers

Outdoor News
News from Fish and Wildlife

Fish Tamales

Outdoor Woman
The Snake Lady

Wood Duck Boxes

Getting Started
Turkey Call Maintenance

Doug Travis WMA

Ask the Experts
Kentucky Pike, Catfish Nets

Your Story
The Perfect Season