Senior and Disabled Licenses

​​​​​​​​​The following are eligible to purchase the Senior, Senior Lifetime or Disabled Sportsman's license (which includes the same licenses and permits as the Resident Sportsman’s License).:

  • Kentucky residents 65 years of age or older. Seniors need only show proof of age and residency to purchase this license.
  • Kentucky residents are certified totally and permanently disabled by the Federal Social Security Administration, a state Workers Compensation Board, the Kentucky Teacher Retirement System or the United States Railroad Retirement Board.
  • Kentucky resident employees of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management declared totally and permanently disabled by a recognized authority.
  • Kentucky resident Veterans at least 50% disabled as the result of a service-connected disability.
  • For the Senior Lifetime Licence, Seniors must maintain a Kentucky residency.  

Disabled persons must first receive a disability license authorization number (good for three years) from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife to buy the disability license.

Senior, Senior Lifetime and Disabled Sportsman's licenses are available only to Kentucky residents. Senior, Senior Lifetime and Disabled Sportsman's licenses include the Combination Hunting and Fishing License, all Deer Permits, Spring Turkey Permit, Resident Fall Turkey Permit, Kentucky Migratory Bird/Waterfowl Permit and Trout Permit.


License holders are still required to complete the HIP Survey​ each year and either reprint their license or write the HIP certification number on it if they intend to hunt migratory birds or waterfowl, and purchase the Federal Duck Stamp to hunt waterfowl.

You must produce proof of disability through one of the following agencies to obtain disability authorization:

If your disability is through the:​

  • Federal Social Security Administration: Any documentation from Social Security certifying you are disabled and receiving benefits is acceptable. Forms should not be more than 6 months old. A Benefit Verification Letter is preferred. To get a Benefit Verification Letter, contact your local Social Security office, call 1-800-772-1213 or go online to ​ All benefit letters, whether created online or obtained from a local office, must indicate disability qualification and include name, address, date of birth, last 4 digits of your social security number and benefit amount.​​
  • Veteran’s Administration: Contact your local VA office and request a letter that verifies you are at least 50 percent disabled as a result of a service-connected disability. It should also have your current address and your social security number.
  • State Worker's Compensation Board: Request an application from KDFWR or print one here, complete it and send it to the State Worker's Compensation Board.
  • United States Railroad Retirement Board: Contact the Board and request a letter stating you are permanently and totally disabled and show your current address.
  • Kentucky Teacher Retirement System: Contact the Teacher Retirement System and request written documentation stating you are on disability retirement and show your current address.
  • United States Office of Personnel Management: Contact the Federal Office of Personnel Management and obtain certification of employment, obtain certification of being 100% disabled from a recognized authority, and show a current address.

Disability authorization cards are no longer issued. To print copies of authorization or licenses, access your “MyProfile” account. After receiving disability authorization, the license system will automatically allow the purchase of a Disabled Sportsman’s License.

Disability authorization is not a license. Proof of authorization (or authorization number) must be presented to license sellers at the time of purchase. License vendors cannot sell a disability license using expired authorization. The Senior or Disabled Sportsman’s License is valid through the end of February each year.​ The Senior Lifetime License does not expire, but requires permit holders to maintain Kentucky ​residency.​

Authorization is valid for three years (check expiration date). Customers must renew the authorization when it expires. Those with disability authorization through Veterans Affairs, U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, or U.S. Office of Personnel Management may call 1-800-310-1873 to update authorization.​

Mail or Fax

To submit disability paperwork:


Log in to "My Profile" and click on "Disability Authorization".

​By Mail:
KDFWR Disabled License
1 Sportsman's Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601

(502) 564-9845

In Person: You may bring the documentation in person to the department offices in Frankfort, located at 1 Sportsman's Lane. Look for the signs directing you to the Disability License Office. The office is open from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Eastern time), Monday - Friday; closed during holidays. Call 1-800-858-1549 if you have questions.

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Carry Proof

Holders of a Disabled License only need to carry their license while hunting or fishing. Once a person who qualifies for this license reaches 65, he or she is considered a Senior for licensing purposes, and no longer needs to follow the process of obtaining disability authorization - as both the Senior and Disabled License are the same cost and have the same permissions. The Senior Lifetime Licenses has a higher cost and requires license holders to maintain Kentucky residency.