Special Commission Permits


The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission (voluntary board), which provides oversight to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, may award up to 10 special permits per year for each of several specific hunting opportunities to charitable wildlife organizations that conduct wildlife conservation and related participation programs or projects in Kentucky for purposes of fundraising. The special permits are for up to 10 each of white-tailed deer, wild turkey, elk, and waterfowl. Recipient organizations typically raise funds with auctions, raffles or direct sales of the permits awarded, which in turn they shall use for the conservation or participation efforts proposed in their applications for consideration by the Commission.

Important Note to Prospective Applicants:

Amendments to Kentucky Administrative Regulation (301 KAR 3:100) governing Special Commission Permits became effective April 1, 2020. Use the updated forms below for completing your Special Commission Permit Applications, as the application and supporting documentation requirements have changed.

How to Apply: