Struttin' In The Bluegrass 2021

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Live Turkey Hunting Action​

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is proud to present. Struttin' in the Bluegrass!

This is the first show of its kind and will present live hunting turkey action for the first 7 days of the season in the great state of Kentucky! It will include a new show everyday, 4 days hunting on private land and 3 days hunting on public land, and a new video log every day with more information on each hunt, including tips, locations, equipment, etc...

In today's environment and life of social media, customers and consumers are more demanding than ever. It is no different in the world of outdoor entertainment. Hunters love to see action as it is happening live and relates to them. We are super proud and excited to present a whole new format of outdoor entertainment and education.

Tagged Out - Turkey Hunting - 4/23/2021

Tagged out!!! Day 7 of Struttin' In The Bluegrass! Watch the crew close out the series with a bang and a flopping turkey!!!


Sneaky Gobbler, Turkey Hunting - 4/22/2021

Day 6 of Struttin' In The Bluegrass! Birds were tight lipped this morning. Watch as the crew has a gobbler sneak into their setup.


Swing And A Miss, Turkey Hunting - 4/21/2021

Day 5 of Struttin' In The Bluegrass! On this episode we’re hunting with Conservation Officer James Brace. Fun day hunting spring turkeys in the snow.


Roosted Is Roasted, Turkey Hunting - 4/20/2021

Day 4 of Struttin' In The Bluegrass! The crew has a gobbler roosted. Watch to see how the hunt unfolds!


Redemption For Hollywood, Turkey Hunting - 4/19/2021

Day 3 of Struttin' In The Bluegrass! Redemption for Merle “Hollywood” Hacker. Watch as Merle makes it happen on a triple bearded gobbler!


2 Chainz, Turkey Hunting - 4/18/2021

Day 2 of Struttin' In The Bluegrass! Follow the crew as they're working birds on the second day of turkey season and then showing you an awesome hunt from Kentucky's Youth-Only Turkey Season.


Longbeard Gang, Turkey Hunting - 4/17/2021

Watch 4 strutters put on a show at 20 steps from the opening morning of Kentucky's spring turkey season.