2018 Bear Seasons: The muzzleloader season for bears opens December 8 in zone 3 only. The modern gun season for bears opens December 15 in zones 1 and 2. Please call 800-858-1549 after 9pm EST each night of the season to determine if the season is open the following day.​ 
2019 Elk Hunt: Click here​ to receive email updates about applying for next year's Elk Hunt Drawing.

Report Wildlife Disease

To report disease or mortality events in wildlife, the public is encouraged to contact the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources general line at 1-800-858-1549 or the wildlife biologist in their county.  A list of private and public lands biologists for each county can be found at:

Wildlife Private Lands Biologists

Wildlife Public Lands Biologists

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Wildlife Health Program is a branch of the Department whose role is to ensure the health and viability of Kentucky’s wildlife population through wildlife disease surveillance and monitoring, wildlife health related research, and disease mitigation and response efforts. We are particularly interested in reports of animals exhibiting clinical signs of disease, large scale die-offs involving multiple animals, including amphibians, reptiles, or birds, or any unusual mortality events. We appreciate your help with our wildlife health surveillance efforts.