Fishing and Boating Guide

Important Note Regarding the Guides

Our guides are a SUMMARY of the laws regarding fishing and boating. This guide is intended solely for informational use. It is not a reprint of any referenced statute or regulation in its entirety and should not be used as such. Questions about the information contained in this guide should be directed to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at 800-858-1549 BEFORE engaging in the activities referenced. Actual wording of any Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) or Kentucky Administrative Regulation (KAR) can be viewed here.

Landowner Permission Required for Hunting and Fishing

A person shall not enter upon the lands of another to hunt, fish or trap without the oral or written permission of the landowner, tenant or person who has authority to grant permission. Those who fail to obtain permission are subject to arrest and prosecution. Railroad tracks and rights of way are privately owned property and permission to hunt, fish or trap must be obtained prior to entry. (KRS 150:192)