About Us

Mission Statement

To conserve and enhance fish and wildlife resources and provide opportunity for hunting, fishing, trapping, boating and other wildlife related activities.

Purpose of the KDFWR Commission Board

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission consist of nine members nominated by the sportsmen and sportswomen, and appointed by the Governor to staggered 4-year terms. Commission members represent one of nine districts. View a map of counties in each district. The commission shall at all times keep a watchful eye upon the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and advise the commissioner to take such action as may be beneficial to the department and in the interest of wildlife and conservation of natural resources. The members of the commission shall meet in Frankfort, quarterly, or as often as may be necessary for the transaction of business. These meetings are announced on the department’s homepage under the Quick Links on the left hand side of the page. The Chairman of the commission will appoint members to each of the following committees to meet approximately one month prior to the full quarterly commission meeting: Administration, Education, & Policy Committee; Fisheries Committee; Wildlife Committee. Items or issues considered by the committees shall be presented to the full commission for action. Once the commission has approved a change/addition/ amendment to a regulation, the amended regulation shall be submitted to the Legislative Resource Commission for the final consideration/approval process.

Appointment of Commission Members

At least 30 days prior to the expiration of the term of a commission member, the commissioner shall select the time and place for a public meeting to select up to five (5) nominees to submit to the Governor. The location of this meeting should be located within the wildlife district of the member whose term will be expiring.

The sportsmen/women of that wildlife district who are in attendance shall select, through written ballot, up to five (5) nominees who are well informed on the subject of wildlife conservation and restoration. The definition of sportsmen/women is a resident hunter or fisherman who has been licensed in Kentucky for each of the past two (2) consecutive years or is license exempt but has hunted or fished each of the past two (2) consecutive years.

The names of the nominees will be submitted to the Governor, along with a current resume’ for each nominee and the Governor shall appoint from the names submitted.

The commission member shall be appointed for a term of four (4) years subject to confirmation by the Senate, and may be reappointed only once.

For complete details of the statutes and regulations pertaining to the office of commission member, please refer to KRS 150.022; KRS 150:023; and 301 KAR 4:001.