How many fishing poles am I allowed to have while fishing?

As many as you want. There is no limit on the number of fishing poles (or fishing rods) an angler may use at one time.

May I clean my fish while on the water?

Anglers shall not remove any part of the head or tail or any fish for which there is a size or creel limit until finished fishing and off the water.

Where can I find out about upcoming trout stockings?

Check the trout stocking schedule.

How is the daily creel limit different than a possession limit?

The daily creel limit is the number of particular sport fish species you may keep in one day’s fishing. A possession limit is the maximum number of sport fish a person may hold in the field after two or more days of fishing.

May I fish around a dock or a marina?

Public marinas on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lakes have contractual agreements that address lease space on public waters. The Corps presently allows the marina owners or operators to post signs that prohibit fishing within 150 feet of their floating structures. These agreements do not prohibit a person from fishing in their boat rental slip. This policy does not apply to privately owned boat docks on Corps lakes.

What are the state fishing regulations and what are the “Special Fishing Regulations?

Please refer to the Kentucky Sport Fishing and Boating Guide.

Do I need a license if I’m just helping my children/youth fish?

If you are ONLY watching you do not need a fishing license. However, if you are assisting, state law requires you to be licensed.

Do I need a trout permit?

  • Unless license exempt, anglers who intend to keep trout must have a trout permit ($10).
  • All licensed anglers fishing the portion of the Cumberland River from Wolf Creek Dam to the Tennessee state line, its tributaries up to the first riffle and all of Hatchery Creek are required to posses a trout permit.

Where can I fish?

There are many places to fish in Kentucky, from public lakes, to state parks, to Sunday afternoon lakes and more.  

Where can I fish for a…….(certain species)?

Check out the Fishing Forecast.

I have a private pond….Is there a creel limit?

Yes, same as statewide.